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     At Parazim, our mission is to elevate and champion the most effective, extraordinary, and powerful women in the world. Our breakthrough habitude of "women helping women" leads to invaluable resource sharing and building strong allies so every female is 100% empowered to reach her highest potential. One way we work to close the gender gap in entrepreneurship and investing is by putting on seminars where women gain the valuable opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with likeminded entrepreneurs. We provide legal information and "call-to-action" activities on the topics listed HERE. To attend a seminar, click HERE


  • I participated in one of Harmony's seminars in December 2017. Harmony was prepared with a cohesive and effective lecture, and she facilitated a productive discussion throughout the evening. She brought an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to the room, and was generous with her time and energy. Harmony's approach to teaching this material was collaborative and one of deep listening; I felt that she was invested in our growth and success. I left Harmony's seminar having clarified a purpose statement and list of goals, as well as a clear plan of action pertaining to how I would obtain these goals. - Sascha H.

  • What I like the most is the atmosphere which was comfortable and participative. She cared [for] everyone to participate in the discussion... She prepared a presentation and detailed seminar material, [which] enhanced understanding of the topic. The material gave a chance to apply the concepts to real [life]. It helped me get [a] clear action plan. - Hayoung K.

  • Harmony prepared a professional agenda for the seminar focused on empowering women with the resources they need to become successful entrepreneurs. Harmony was able to create an engaging environment amongst the attendees by hosting ice-breakers related to our own business obstacles. This allowed us, the audience, to connect with each other as well as the subject matter and internalize the material as we learned about it. The content of the PowerPoint presentation in this seminar touched on important key points, applicable situational examples, and developing a personal execution plan for our own business ideas. As a result, I learned that others share the same concerns about starting a business or career progression and how we can overcome obstacles by reaching into our own networks and utilizing our resources. The seminar provided me with a foundation of informative materials and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs as resources. - Lovina F.